Founding Editor

Lichen Han

Lichen grew up in sunny California, where he earned a B.A. in computer science and then an MFA in Creative Writing. Following the rule of threes, he moved to New York to obtain a J.D. He has written a collection of realist short stories about immigrants that he hopes to publish one day and is now attempting a novel that is somehow going to be a mashup of western steampunk and eastern myths.

Managing Editor

Jane Luo

Jane grew up in Northern Virginia and moved to the Bay Area to attend UC Berkeley where she majored in Statistics and Computer Science. She currently works for a digital advertising start-up in San Francisco while also pursuing her interest in fashion design.

Readers Emeritus

Danny Robb

Danny reads literary fiction submissions. After a successful career as a professional engineer and Air Force Reserve colonel, Danny graduated from retirement to become a student of the literary arts. He received a Certificate in Fiction Writing from UCLA. His published non-fiction stories and blog can be found at his website, aptly named from his nom de guerre, Danny’s most remarkable achievement is winning the heart of a young, beautiful, and classy girl. Mary and he reside in Whidbey Island, Washington with their spoiled, ornery dog, Ichiro.  

Sheba Solomon

Sheba Solomon is an English language teacher. She was born and raised in Constantine, Algeria, and lived for one year in Missouri, Columbia as an exchange student. She’s passionate about poetry in English, Arabic and French. During her years in college, she analyzed various poems by both British and American poets such as William Wordsworth, Rudyard Kipling, T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound’s complex style. She later received her Master Degree in American and British Studies. She’s currently writing a self-help book that she intends to publish in early January along with her new collection of poetry. 

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