Review of Meditations of a Beast

By Frances Klein

“The world of her poems is populated with ghosts and angels, living dolls and their owners, burglars and assassins.  This is a world of flickering streetlights, of trash accumulating in the gutters. It is a worse place, a hard place.”



By Katherine Quevedo

Rabbit Chief drums a warning with hands, not feet this time. The ceremonial drum, zigzags of golden cord fraying at the tightest points. His fur stands on end. Mine too. I squeeze my eyes shut but see only disheveled fur and cord, hear only pounding drum and pulse.

Hunting season.


doctor time

By Joel Fishbane

“Time travel is easy in Africa. You’re already in a bubble. Wherever you go, it feels like you’re in the past. When I first arrived, the foundation I worked for assigned me to a hospital whose assortment of beds and equipment hailed from every decade except the one we were actually in. I spent my days doing harsh and thankless work. I think I became a fine doctor, but at some point I lost my name. Everyone called me exactly what Nia had called me the first day we met: Young Doctor. Of course I encouraged it. This was time travel too.”

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